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Introducing the Epson Moverio 3D glasses start a video call session with a remote user on Android tablet, mobile or PC. Video session can be categorised, recorded and store on Solusight portal with search function from date, file name and category. categorization will make searching an easy task.

What is Solusight ?

A platform that enables video session and recording, enabling android devices such as augmented reality glasses, mobile phones and tablets to do collaborative work such as annotating of pictures and download of material from knowledge base.

How it Works ?

Solusight Flow Works

Using Epson or Realwear AR glasses, Solusight is a platform for 2-way collaborative communication for real time coaching, monitoring and repair work troubleshooting purpose.

Capable of doing video session and taking picture with a remote user on its Solusight portal, the field engineer with the AR glass is also able to fill up the job completion checklist or report using voice command to the glass. The portal also allows user management, categorization and easy searches for past video files and images. Reseller program is also available for partners who are keen to sell our solution.

Solusight used AR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are becoming increasing important for companies who are looking at improving work flow and productivity for their business operations as well as to attract and engage consumers.

Solustar also undertake development of AR / VR project requiring animation clip where we will provide full service from designing of storyboard to end production of the animation clips.

Do call us for a discussion and we can tailor the AR / VR solution to your specific needs.

Augmented Reality Solustar 3
Augmented Reality Solustar 4
Augmented Reality Solustar 1
Augmented Reality Solustar 2

Where solusight work ?

Solusight Hotel Room

Hotel Room

Superimpose an image to compare layout of rooms to a sample to check for missing items such as towels, flowers or placement of furniture.

Solusight Engineering


A group of supervisors with different skill set to give instruction on how to repair machinery.

Solusight Factory Production

Factory Production

Use the glasses to check and discuss on the quality of finished product.

Solusight can be integrated

Would you like to live demo ?

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