Solubots Self-cleansing 
Disinfectant Robot - SDR

Solubots Self-cleansing Disinfectant Robot - SDR

The primary feature of SDR is a bell shape casing that self-cleansing. For commercial offices and public places in the current COVID-19 climate.

The SDR is designed to treat 27 cubic metre of space per minute (8.5 square metre x 3 metre height).

Solubots Self-cleansing 
Disinfectant Robot - SDR


What we do

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Solustar have end to end solution for commercial robotic application. We tailor made your user requirement and build in the work flow onto the commercial robots for your deployment. In other words, we build the robots to handle the required job tasks to improve your business’s productivity and resolve your manpower crunch problem.

The types of robots that we build include:

  • SDR – Self-cleansing Disinfectant Robot
  • VAL II Concierge Robot
  • Eddie The Service Delivery Robot
Solusight AR Glasses Product

A platform that enables video session and recording, enabling android devices such as augmented reality glasses, mobile phones and tablets to do collaborative work such as annotating of pictures and download of material from knowledge base.

Using Epson or Realwear AR glasses, Solusight is a platform for 2-way collaborative communication for real time coaching, monitoring and repair work troubleshooting purpose.

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solucardz product 2

Solucardz is a Smart Name Card Solution that is capable of contact management for easy exchange of name cards.

Also equipped with added features such as a Sales and Marketing tool for the sales people to market their company product and to present their company information instantly at their fingertips within a single page view. The app also allows users to stay connected with their contact list through event or meeting invite and instant messaging.


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executive Team

Louis Loo Solustar
Louis Loo, BA

Founder and CEO

Lim Soon Hock Solustar
Lim Soon Hock BBM, PBM, JP

Advisor of Solustar

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